Pre & Post Lash Lift Care

Pre Lash Lift Tips

• Remove any eye makeup prior to your appointment 

Your lashes need to be clean prior to your Lash Lift treatment in order to receive the best results. If you will not have a chance to remove your eye makeup, please let your esthetician know so she can allot enough appointment time to remove eye makeup.

• Remove contact lenses prior to your appointment

Due to the nature of the treatment, contacts lenses need to be removed prior to your Lash Lift treatment.

Post Lash Lift Tips

• Keep lashes dry for 24 hours post Lash Lift Treatment

Lash Lifts are similar to a perm, therefore your lashes will need to "set" for 24 hours. You will need to avoid mascara, eyeliner, growth serums, steamy showers, pools, tears, contact solution, eye drops, etc for 24 hours post appointment. Cleanse your face by using a washcloth and going around your eye area. 

• Enjoy! Lash Lifts should last approximately 6-8 weeks

Typical results for a Lash Lift is 6-8 weeks. While some may find a little shorter or even longer due to their natural lash growth cycle. You will notice your lashes start to fall back into their natural state as new lashes come in. You may schedule your next Lash Lift within 8-10 weeks of your last treatment. A lash growth serum is also highly recommended.