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I love love when my clients become pregnant! A child is such a joy and love like no other! After sharing their wonderful news with me, clients often ask if they can continue their waxing treatments. There tends to be a lot of things you need to cut back on once pregnany, but waxing is NOT one of them!


There is always a but, isn't there? While it is perfectly safe for you and baby, you may experience more tenderness and pain during your wax. This is due to the surge in hormones rushing through your body (pregnancy hormones are also why I cried when my husband asked me where I wanted to eat when I was expecting - the struggle is real).

We may have to adjust your waxing schedule due to hair growth increasing during pregnancy, but I highly recommend keeping up with your waxes during pregnancy. This will keep your growth to a minimum especially once that belly starts getting in the way, and you can't see what you're doing anyway!

And you also better be sending me pictures of those little babes once they decide to grace us with their presence!



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